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RoninGigs is going offline

Dear RoninGigs Member,


I hope this message finds you well. Over the past few months, we've journeyed together through the evolving world of fractional work with RoninGigs. Our mission was to create a dedicated platform where like-minded professionals could connect and find meaningful opportunities. Thanks to your support, we've built a community of incredible fractional executives.


However, after a thorough review of our progress and goals, in November, I made the difficult decision to close RoninGigs. This was not an easy decision, but upon careful consideration, it has become clear that the current level of traffic and engagement falls short of what is required to sustain and grow the platform effectively.


In the spirit of transparency, I want to assure you that every option was explored before arriving at this conclusion. Despite the platform's promise, the reality of achieving our ambitious goals - in the timeframe we set - proved more challenging than anticipated.


A Sincere Thank You

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your engagement with RoninGigs. Your participation and support have been the lifeblood of this platform, and it's been my pleasure to serve such a skilled and professional community.


Looking Ahead

The need for a space where fractional executives can thrive remains, and I am hopeful that new solutions will emerge. In the meantime, I encourage you to continue pursuing opportunities that leverage your expertise and drive your professional growth.


Thank you for being a part of RoninGigs. Your understanding and support during this time have meant the world to me.

I invite you to stay in touch by connecting with me on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

All the best,

Phil Alampi


P.S. I also created a video marketing agency, check it out here:

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